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Pencil Pleat Curtains Buying Guides

Pencil Pleat Curtains Buying Guides

In line with its name, pencil pleat curtain comes with tight folds features laid on the top of the drape.  This drape is pretty popular which is why there are almost infinite numbers of designs to choose from. Well, since it promotes its quirky look, many people are also interested for buying this. Aside from this, buying this drape is not easy. We need to know what aspects to consider in getting the most ideal curtain with pleat feature.

Several Things to Consider in Buying Pencil Pleat Curtains

Measure the size of the drape with the track will be the first step in buying pencil pleat curtain. As it is stated above, the pleat additions needs more space to hook. Instead of buying the rods separately, you can buy a complete set consisting of curtains and rod. However, if you must buy the items independently, always purchase the rods with bigger width are the key. Some sources state that for having ideal rods for pencil pleat curtain, double the rods width otherwise you will get unfitted rods.

Aside from the measurement, think also about the material. If you want to have a formal look, go with heavy material while if you are about casual lovers, then you can buy the lighter material. Consider also the lining options since it will be so great for protecting the lights and being a home insulation. So, now, are you ready to shop pencil pleat curtain?

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