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Eyelet Curtains Tips Choosing

Eyelet Curtains Tips Choosing

When it comes to choose the simple curtain to enhance the contemporary look, eyelet curtains are the one you need. This curtain has large round hole at the top threading the rods easily. Although this drape looks simple, many people just love it and that’s why it is now gaining its popularity. Anyway, if you are about freshen up the room with eyelet curtains; here are some tips to practice!

Several Things to Take into Account When Buying Eyelet Curtains

Curtain helps to frame and define the look of your room. Having that said, you need buying the one with the fittest size. Placing drape with right height is also going to add the larger impressions upon the room. Well, for starting, measure about 10 cm above the window panels and place the rods in it. While, for the side, give about 30 cm from the window frame. Now, make a measurement both vertical and horizontal, and that is the most ideal size of eyelet curtains you should buy.

If you want to make larger illusion, choose fabric with sheer design as gauze and organza. While if you want to keep more privacy, just go with fabric featuring deep weaves as satin. Next, always choose the best color scheme that will works well with sofa, wall, and cushions. That said you will have a totally matching eyelet curtains.

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