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Muslin Curtains Decorating Ideas

Muslin Curtains Decorating Ideas

For anyone thinking about giving sweet touch for the window treatment without sacrificing the saving, consider to purchase muslin curtains. Muslin belongs to a lightweight fabric that composed from cotton cloth. Due to its plain look, many home owners, either talented DIY person or not, are in chance of having wonderful drapes made from muslin. Here we had collected some muslin drape ideas that can be guidance for you in doing this project.

Simple Steps for Adorning the Plain Muslin Curtains

Most of muslin curtains are made with simple designs. You can re-decor this ordinary look into somewhat extraordinary. Give a sweet look for the drape by adding some ruffles on the bottom side. Stack some muslin fabrics with different colors to make a striking statement.  Sew all the ruffles at the bottom while you can add ribbon accents as the substitutes of the tab top hanging fabrics.

The next idea that you can do with this drape is adding folding. The folding sewn at muslin curtains will be decorative accents making this drape even pretty. Simply fold muslin fabrics, sews, and add it to the drapes. You can place the folding over the drape, on the side, and on the tie. To final touch, buy some rings, finials, and rods to complement this inexpensive drape. See, there are almost innumerable ways to decorate the muslin curtains

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