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Wicker Dining Room Chairs Removal Tips

Wicker Dining Room Chairs Removal Tips

Wicker dining room chairs can be a problem for simple people. That is why there are some of them who look for the ways how to remove wicker dining room chairs. We have some tips and tricks how to do the removal of the dining room chairs. So, if you are looking for the solutions, you should follow this discussion and then try to apply these tips by yourself. If you find any difficulties, you should immediately as the pro.

Wicker Dining Room Chairs Remove

The first thing to know to remove wicker dining room chairs is to use the mat knife. Follow the frame line on the panel. Then, you can slowly remove the caning. There is little space, perhaps it is only few inches. The space is found between caning and splining. These two things will have the frame of the chair on the back rest. Then, you can spray it using water and vinegar mixture. It helps smoothen up the glue.

To steam it directly, you can use steamer tool that has a nozzle. This aims to support the edge of the caning and splining. Then, you can pull out the spline following the angle in the center of the frame. The last thing is to nudge the part that you can find in the spline. You can do it using spline cleaning tool. You can do this thing by yourself in your wicker dining room chairs.

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